Alderwood and Nocona Woes; Intel Updates

As we continue to receive more information about Alderwood (also known as i925X), we continue to hear disappointing news about the upcoming product launch. Recently, motherboard manufacturers have confirmed with us that 925X will not launch with ECC support as originally planned. We have previously stated that while 915 supports DDR2 and DDR1, 925X supports only DDR2 memory. Thus, the lack of initial ECC support on 925X will only affect DDR2 ECC memory.

From what manufacturers tell us, the B-0 stepping of 925X in production samples currently has an “intermittent issue which occurs under certain boundary conditions.” Since the B-1 stepping of 925X have already been taped out, ECC support will be disabled. The next 925X stepping, B-2, will support ECC again but does ship until after the June 15th launch. According to the Intel roadmaps, we should see ECC support for 925X launch around July; although the B-1 chipset will obviously linger around for some time. If ECC is important to you and you aniticipate buying a 925X board, know in advance which stepping the board uses.

Unfortunately, it also seems that Intel’s Nocona (800FSB IA-32e processors) have also been delayed until Q3’04. x86-64 computing for Intel will have to wait a few more months it seems.

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